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Parent Charter

Building positive relationships between schools and parents is the cornerstone of nurturing student learning and achievement. To formalise our commitment to effective communication and mutual respect, Catholic Schools Broken Bay launched a Parent Charter in late 2023. A copy of the Charter can be found below. The Charter places great emphasis on respectful, open, and two-way communication and outlines: 

  • What you as parents can expect from your relationship with your school 
  • What our school will expect from you as parents and carers 
  • Guidelines for positive communication and engagement between parents and the school 
  • How to make a complaint or raise a concern 
  • An explanation of unacceptable behaviours and how these are handled by the school. 

As we approach the end of another busy school term, we kindly ask parents to be mindful of the following guidelines for effective partnership: 

  • Stay Informed: Stay informed about your child’s progress by attending parent-teacher conferences, reading newsletters, and checking COMPASS. 
  • Initiate Contact: Don’t hesitate to reach out to the appropriate staff member if you have concerns or questions about your child’s progress, behaviour, or any other aspect of their education. Initial communications should always be with the appropriate school personnel, e.g., the classroom teacher. 
  • If further support is required, after contacting the class teacher, please contact our school leaders. 
  • Be Respectful: Approach conversations with staff in a respectful and professional manner, as they are dedicated to helping your child succeed. 
  • Respect Response Time: Recognise that staff have multiple students and responsibilities. Allow them time to respond to your inquiries and respect their working hours. Staff will usually respond within 48 hours. 

Effective communication between parents and school staff is the key to a successful educational journey for your child. We value your input and are committed to working together to ensure that our school remains a collaborative, safe, and supportive environment. 

CSBB Parent Charter 2023