Our School Song - St John the Baptist, Woy Woy
Our Mission, Values & Vision

Our School Song

Sacred Spaces

At St John the Baptist we all belong.
In this special place we learn a new song.
Space to grow and learn our best self to become,
Living safe and free we all feel at home.

Treat one another with respect and care;
Showing God’s loving face everywhere

Sacred stories from the past living now
Sacred spaces in our school help us grow
Sacred gifts we hold in each heart they live
Jesus loving ways we learn to believe.


Every person’s gifts give life to our school
In sad and happy times our friends all stay true
Everybody has their part in our song,
Everybody’s dreams in our school belong.


Learning to wonder and to open our eyes,
God is watching us fill life with surprise,
Lots of space to run with spirits set free.
At St John the Baptist we love to be.